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•  Installation Methods:

Our range of products can be applied to any Flat surface (Tiles - Ceramic - Wood - Flat Surfaced Concrete) by any of the following methods according to the product and the case:



•  Floating System : (Viplex - Parqetry - Borders)

Where the wood floors are directly installed over a layer of poly ethylene with 2 mm thickness while using the PVA-D3 glue on the tiles' tongues.
This method is preferred for all the other methods.



•  Viro Floor Method: (Viplex - Parqetry - Borders)

Since our product is composed of natural wood, It could be installed on thin softwood strips of 8 mm thickness with 2 layers of poly ethylene above and under the strips to protect those strips & the product against humidity.

This method is preferred for its good sound resistance plus its humidity resistance.


•  Glue down method: (Viplex - Vply - Parqetry - Borders)

Where our product is directly glued to any flat floor using polymer-based glues made specially to glue wooden floors to any flat surface.




•  The tiles are installed side by side using the click locking system :(Outdoor )

1. Place the male part on top of the female part and click down.

2. Lift the tile on the male side and insert the female part from the underneath until you hear they click together.


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