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Borders :

Pre-finished Natural Wood borders with high quality & marvelous designs

Industrial Composition of the product

Borders are composed of two layers plus coating layer

•  The upper layer from hard African or European wood with 6 mm thickness
•  The lower layer from Perch plywood with 12 mm thickness


5 layers of European U.V Acrylic coating material with high resistance towards friction & corrosion

Glue used in Production:

European PVA-D3 Glue is used in the production phases complying with all the European Industrial & environmental Specs.

Technical Specs.

•  Tiles size in mm




According to design

According to design

16 - 18 mm

•  The surface layer is formaldehyde-free with no carcinogenic or allergenic materials
•  Can be re-sanded & coated several times
•  Humidity ratio from 8 - 10 %

•  The Following table states the Tech. Specs. according to the standard tests:




Chemical resistance

DIN 68861 TL1

1 B

Flammability Degree

DIN 4102

B 1

Friction resistance

ASTM 1.000g weight CS 17 stone

14000 cycle

Scratching resistance

DIN 68861 TL4

4 B

Thermal Test

EN 12722

120 C°

Longitudinal cut test

DIN 53151


Cigarettes test

DIN 68861 TL6

6 C

•  Some Materials Effect on the borders according to DIN 628861 PART1 Specs. :


Test time



16 hours

No effect

Vinegar / acetone

16 hours

No effect

Sodium Carbonates

16 hours

No effect

Ethyl Alcohol

16 hours

No effect


16 hours

No effect


16 hours

No effect


16 hours

No effect


16 hours

No effect

Black Ink

16 hours

3 units


16 hours

No effect


•  Installation Methods :
Borders can be applied to any Flat surface (Tiles - Ceramic - Wood - Flat Surfaced Concrete)

•  Floating System :
Where the borders are directly installed over a layer of poly ethylene with 2 mm thickness while using the PVA-D3 glue on the tiles' tongues.
This method is preferred for all the other methods.

•  Viro Floor Method :
Since our product is composed of natural wood, It could be installed on thin softwood strips of 8 mm thickness with 2 layers of poly ethylene above and under the strips to protect those strips & the borders against humidity.
This method is preferred for its good sound resistance plus its humidity resistance.

•  Glue down method :
Where the borders are directly glued to any flat floor using polymer-based glues made specially to glue wooden floors to any flat surface.


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